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“If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then their frame should be timeless.” - Brooke Sanzari, Browpixie®


U-to-pia\ yoo-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideally perfect place.

​Brow-to-pia \ brow-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideal place providing wholistic, intuitive, wellness for your aesthetic & spirit in a fraction of the time, with celebration and authenticity. Magically.

n. Ethereal Esthetics: Super-natural self care and enchantment that is based in the balance, creativity, appreciation, and wonderment of YOU.

v. Authentically bridging the gap between self care & the BROW chakra.

"If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then their frame should be timeless. What if your self care expanded into something deeper?

Applied wisdom that is relaxing, healing, & celebrating. As you break generational curses, glow in your authentic self, while elevating both the beauty and wellness that is intuitively yours?"

"It's not magic, it's browtopia."

-Brooke Sanzari, browpixie®.


Now virtual after more than a decade of in-person sessions, this kind of bespoke beauty and wellness has been designed to allow you to step firmly into your personal power, making you not dependent on outside resources.

From wellness services to products, each is carefully curated for happy brows and glowy skin, then energetically charged & blessed.
Only in... browtopia.

enchantment browtopia

Wholistic Eyebrow/Skin Consult


Brows: For the "unhappy brow", if that is your focal point... A full, “wholistic” consultation with the browpixie including future brow design, arch assessment and treatment plan that includes the...

Intuitive Brow Mapping


Did you know your eyebrow area of your face not only has many nerve endings, but correlates to several internal organs and systems? That throughout ancient medicine it is also...

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology

From $70.00

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology via Mirror Medicine.For wellness and aesthetic that goes more than “skin deep”.  Did you know that your internal organs and their systems are accessible for...

Reiki Energy Healing

From $75.00

The Japanese word 'reiki' can be translated as 'universal life energy'. Reiki can do no harm, it knows no denomination, but can be applied to all beliefs of holy divinity...

Sorceress Smoke Blend


A bewitching blend for the liminal space of spooky season (inside or out). This protective, spiritual blend is enchanted and reiki blessed for relaxation, rest and dream work, while soothing...

Luminary Membership


If you combined a monthly spell box with a wellness & beauty box, you'd get this: A Box for Ethereal Esthetics & Wellness Wonderment. Luminary: a natural light-giving body, especially the...

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