The Sorceress Balm
The Sorceress Balm

The Sorceress Balm

A bewitching apple beauty balm for the liminal space of spooky season (inside or out).

To remind you with each application that you are the wisdom, the mastery, the connection of power and sorcery. You are the perfect balance of the dark and the light, integrated into 1 perfect calibration of Divine co-creation. 

Each batch has been infused & sprinkled with BOTH moonstone AND meteorite powder for an experience that’s truly cosmic! 

 A botanical blend of mugwort, basil, nutmeg, sage, cranberry, bladderwrack, rose, & rosehips, steeped deeply in an organic blend of sunflower, pomegranate, & pumpkin seed oils.
Also includes notes of nettle, mugwort, clove, mullein, passionflower, spearmint, and apple.

Bay Laurel wax has been used, so this potion is vegan friendly and as always with all of my products, cruelty free. 

This organic sorcery is enchanted and reiki blessed, especially for the reminder above through all of your timelines to bring forward thee exalted you.

Relax into the power of rest and dream work, while soothing transformation. 

This healing balm can be used anywhere- especially your lips, brows, & face with intention.
You’ll find it is deeply nourishing, yet lightweight, with a feather soft finish. 

Energetics: Powerful, peaceful, protective, healing, intuitive, lucky, loving, beautiful, balancing, integrating, guided, transformative, goddess. Lore has been written that witches used basil to fly… Floaty liminal space with wishes granted. (In the highest good of course.)

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