Eco-luxe Holistic Brow & Skin Care + Brow Chakra Energy

Ecoluxe, good-for-you-grooming, that is energetically awesome. 

Happy Brows: Browboo® for You! Prevent sparseness. Support regrowth. Bamboo adds sustainable strength & resilience! 

Glowy Skin: Ethereal Esthetics that are energetically aligned for connection, support, and bespoke beauty.

ALL products are always cruelty-free, browtopia®️Is Leaping Bunny certified! I only use sustainable, natural, organic, ingredients and packaging with as little plastic as possible. 


The Big Apple Champagne Brow & Facial Potion


🍎🥂This organic serum nourishes, smooths, moisturizes, & celebrates, brows + skin in 1 apple cinnamon champagne cocktail of greatness. Take #goodforyougrooming to the next level of magic multitasking. ♥️Apply to...

The Sorceress Balm


A bewitching apple beauty balm for the liminal space of spooky season (inside or out). To remind you with each application that you are the wisdom, the mastery, the connection...

Browtopia Browboo® Duo Brush


The double-sided, sustainable, browboo® brow brush. Your go-to tool for #happybrows! Brush, blend, and nurture your eyebrows with an all-in- one beautiful, bamboo, cruelty-free, precision brush. Brushing stimulates circulation and...

Browtopia Browboo® Balm

Sold Out

Soothe the savage brow... The first eyebrow product of its kind - this fast and fabulous brow balm tames your brows with a pliable hold, while nourishing and conditioning both...

Browtopia® The Brow Ninja Kit

Sold Out

A $120 value! This Organic Brow Care Kit is filled with eco luxe, holistic, multitasking, eyebrow goodies that support regrowth, beautify brows, skin, and more! The Ninja, known most prominently in...

Browtopia® Brow & More Highlighter

Sold Out

An all natural, talc-free, eyebrow highlighting powder that is feather-light and fabulous for every brow beauty. Also multitasks for highlighter anywhere as well as eyeshadow!  Enlarge the image to view vailable...

Browtopia® Brow Defining Powder

From $28.00

An all natural, talc-free, eyebrow defining powder that is feather-light and fabulous for every brow beauty. Enlarge the image to view vailable shades (shown from lightest to darkest): Chinchilla, Haute Chocolate,...

Browtopia Browboo® Gel

Sold Out

The world's first organic brow cosmetic. (Applause) Take a brow.Can you hear that? It's your brows. They're crying. Why are you so mean to them? What have they ever done...

Beauty and the Brow®

Sold Out

Guarantee the ultimate in beauty and luxury with 24K magic and champagne brow dreams! This limited anniversary edition browgel is not only on point with the latest trend in metallic...

Browtopia® Limited Edition Brow and Lip Balm

Sold Out

The s'more.  The simplicity of a roasted marshmallow, that evolved into the art of delicious, creative genius. This sweet staple rekindles a joy of sweet, sun-kissed days, sandwiched in between...

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