Brooke Sanzari is a spiritual & energetic herbalist, seer, and healing ally... As well as a licensed full cosmetologist, aesthetician, and makeup artist with over 20 years of experience.

She is the founder of wholistic brow care and created the world’s 1st organic brow product with dual usage for skin care. An enchantress of ethereal esthetics, Brooke specialized in holistic brow & skin care, knowing that lasting, true beauty is energy that stems from wellness within. She is a certified Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology Operator, as well as a reiki master practitioner with an additional attunements in magical light work, as well as blessings in animal communication, divination, & "Clairs".

With a propensity for enchantment, since she was a tot, Brooke has grown to fully embrace her gifts and unique magic by channeling them into her creative and healing craft. 

About Browtopia: Almost 20 years ago, Browtopia® started with an exhausted client. An unsung hero of the everyday. A business woman who came in for a waxing service, and laid herself down on my treatment table and uttered the words that would never forget. "This is the most relaxing part of my day." To which I retorted, "If this is the most relaxing part of your day, (getting hot wax applied to hair and ripping it out by the root), then we gotta step it up a notch."

Three years later, Browtopia® was born. An ideally perfect place for those who have little time, tire of the "spalon" cattle call and refuse to settle for anything less than excellence. It was a haven that caters to you, the individual, with true one-on-one time that customized everything from seasonal treatments, to music, spiritual and astrological guidance, and wellness. Since then it has evolved to encompass the full, magical experience of that brick and mortar into enchantment for everyday...

Browtopia® and Enchantment products proudly use the very best of pure, organic, high-vibrational, and sustainable ingredients to achieve the highest quality results.


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Otherworldly, next level, holistic brow, skin, and self care has arrived.
SuperNatural self care and enchantment that is based in the balance, creativity, appreciation, and wonderment of YOU.
From lunar brow love to ethereal esthetics, offerings to obtain these are paired with the coordinating energetic enchantment for the aesthetic and spirit.

Virtually, this kind of divination, bespoke beauty, and wellness has been designed to allow you to step firmly into your personal power, making you not dependent on outside resources. From services to products each is carefully created and  curated.

In person, (subject to availability),  Enchantment that transcends you to a place of perfection, relaxation, & wellness in a fraction of time. 

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