Ethereal Esthetics

What stimulates collagen, detoxifies skin, and increases skin's circulation?

A few of my favorite things. 

Browtopia: ethereal esthetics for superNATURAL self care. These offerings do SO much more than go skin deep. Bespoke beauty and enchantment for both the aesthetic & spirit, that addresses you as a whole, from the inside out. 

This is not a luxury, but a vital necessity in the care and keeping of you! An essential ally against premature aging, skin stress, and damage. Facials can make all the difference, but this goes so much more than skin deep. From facial reflexology to reiki, redefine lasting and true beauty. These offerings are designed to reawaken your own self empowerment, equipping you with tools to reach your wellness goals to glow bright.
From anywhere at anytime, yourself. 

No time? No worries! As always, "fabulous" can be obtained in a fraction of the time, when the time is right in your schedule, so you can have your head in the clouds (or at least during your session).


Ethereal Esthetics

Wholistic Eyebrow/Skin Consult


Brows: For the "unhappy brow", if that is your focal point... A full, “wholistic” consultation with the browpixie including future brow design, arch assessment and treatment plan that includes the...

Intuitive Brow Mapping


Did you know your eyebrow area of your face not only has many nerve endings, but correlates to several internal organs and systems? That throughout ancient medicine it is also...

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology

From $70.00

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology via Mirror Medicine.For wellness and aesthetic that goes more than “skin deep”.  Did you know that your internal organs and their systems are accessible for...

Astro Facial Reflexology


Facial reflexology for specific astrological seasons, transits, and signs. Did you know that each astrological sign corresponds with specific body parts and systems? Do you feel certain ways around specific...

Reiki Energy Healing

From $75.00

The Japanese word 'reiki' can be translated as 'universal life energy'. Reiki can do no harm, it knows no denomination, but can be applied to all beliefs of holy divinity...

Energetic Enchantment: Meditation for Expansion & Fresh Starts


This reiki-infused enchantment was created from scratch to activate, integrate, and enhance your glow-up from the inside out. This pixie-sized, negative ion infused, auditory potion is meant to be listened...

Luminary Membership


If you combined a monthly spell box with a wellness & beauty box, you'd get this: A Box for Ethereal Esthetics & Wellness Wonderment. Luminary: a natural light-giving body, especially the...

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