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“My experience with Brooke’s pixie dust reading was absolutely Divine! I was first stunned by the accuracy of message. Sent with love but also intimate to sides of me I haven’t truly showed anyone. The message was full of encouragement and honesty on how our perspective is so important. I didn’t really know I needed her reading before I got it but I am most definitely pleased that I did. The carefulness and kindness of the insights was amazing. If was an amazing feeling to get this type of confirmation from Brooke’s reading. Her gifts are truly appreciated and I would definitely recommend others to seek out these services and the many more!”

Thank you so much again!!


Loved Brooke’s reading ! She actually did my reading in a very small group on Clubhouse app and for her to be able to tap into my energy, my life situation and feel my need for clarity was awesome. My reading left me feeling so rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever life had to throw me - a few days to a week later I was offered an incredible gig position with one of the biggest studios in the Midwest; then life gave me an entirely new perspective opportunity of a leaf overturned. She saw it coming !! I was really going through depression, overwhelming grief and loss before coming to this season. She helped me make sense of and feel confidence in the short time.


I’m spiritual, but a bit of a tomboy so I never thought I’d subscribe to a “beauty box…” but this is SO much more! All of the products are wonderful in practical ways and the monthly reminder to do something to take care of myself is needed! The luminary readings, however, are where Brooke really excels at pulling all the pieces together - so on a regular basis getting a bit of a cosmic outlook with self care and good reiki vibes AND an on point personalized intuitive card reading on what you need to know to help guide you through the daily flow of life? Priceless. 10/10 highly recommend! ✨



I love the products!!! Everything she makes with her hands are Gold!! She’s amazing!! She knows what I need before I do!!


“This woman is a brow god, sent down from heaven to help grow-in your brows. Her brow lessons are super detailed. She also gives you advice on things you shouldn’t be doing that effect brow growth! She is your brow fairy godmother that your life has been desperately needing.”

- Alexis Kristiana, Brooklyn, New York

“I feel immensely grateful for showing me how to trust myself in doing my brows and reminding me how connected we are in more than one way.”

- Karola Rangel, Hoboken, New Jersey

A super model who has graced runways and magazines all over the world, including Harper's Bazaar, uses it every day, as it is her "favorite" brow product line, with the only powder shade that has EVER matched her brows perfectly: "Smolder".

- Svetlana Lazereva, Manhattan, New York

Skin guru of the California Bay Area, and winner of the 2017 Skin Games, refuses to use any other brow product on herself or her devoted clientele.

- Katrina Yokoyama, Fresno, California

Instagram and green beauty blogger gave browtopia rave reviews in March of 2018 - stating that all the products are absolutely "amazing".

- Suzi of Gurl Gone Green, Centralia, Washington

Esthetician and editor of Beauty and Well-Being declared that "Browtopia's Brow Ninja Kit is the best eyebrow kit on the market."

- Vanessa Baumann, Montclair, New Jersey

“Had a hectic day? Have 15 mins? Get to Browtopia. The mecca of all that is calm and bright! You arrive at Brooke Sanzari's world and it's a little unassuming, kind of like your girlfriend's boudoir. You soon realize this isn't just a brow shaping. This is brow cultivating. Give her your woes and she will give you a plan. The experience isn't just for brows though. With facial treatments like the "Sugar Plum Pixie", "Cupcake Quickie" and Limited Edition Champagne Masks you will leave firmer, brighter and happier. You leave wondering what confection she will come up with next month. Brooke treats all her clients like they're her best friends. Organic teas, treats, and a good ear always at the ready. With price points that fit into any budget, everyone can beautify their skin, brows, and soul!”

- Kimberly Mills Morris, Cleveland, Ohio

“My eyebrows are angry and they are not amused that the idea that they should sit gently on my face... rather they always seem to be trying to make a break for freedom by growing at a preternatural rate. They must be tamed! I have to fight to NOT look like Maggie Simpson's baby enemy. I have a brow tamer named Brooke. She is my "eyebrow lady" and owns a place called "Browtopia", which specialized in skin care and eyebrow shaping. I go to Brooke's about every two weeks. As nicely as she can--and admits she feels bad about it--she drops hot soy wax on my eye area and rips out any brow hairs that dare to grow outside my "natural arch". I once saw a little hair at the end of my brow and asked Brooke, "Why didn't you get that one?" and reverently, she replied, "Noooooo, I'm cultivating that one." When I looked at her quizzically, she explained how that one hair marked the end of my natural browline and she was cultivating the hairs growing there so that they would fill in and create the perfect brow”

- Anita Duenas, Fort Myers, Florida

“Instyle magazine quality at Frugalista pricing!”

- Lara Gold, Fort Myers, Florida

“The Brow Pixie brightens my world with pure enjoyments that I want to bottle. She and her "skin cocktails" are a sweet elixir-with a twist of sass to cure your everyday dramas, n' bring you closer to enlightenment with a smile.”

- Shannon Coffey, Manasquan, New Jersey

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