Bonfire Brow Bundle
Bonfire Brow Bundle
Bonfire Brow Bundle

Bonfire Brow Bundle

Dare to raise your fabulous & fiery brow with the BONFIRE BROW BUNDLE.  

Every beautiful bonfire 🔥 needs the right kindling.

Every beautiful brow needs the same. 
For a limited time, indulge in the warm fuzzies of the season with browtopia®️.

If you feel like you need a fabulous and fiery vibe, this is for you:

Limited Edition S’mores Organic Brow & More Balm

Bonfire Bliss Reiki Soy Candle

Browboo®️ Organic Brow Gel.

Reiki Blessed & Intention-Charged Selenite Crystal

✨All brow “bundles” come with a magical “kindling” of a mini selenite crystal log, travel bamboo brush, and artisan s’more marshmallow treat! The entire set down to the wrapping is layered with enchantment and blessed.

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