Intuitive Brow Mapping

Intuitive Brow Mapping

Did you know your eyebrow area of your face not only has many nerve endings, but correlates to several internal organs and systems?
That throughout ancient medicine it is also a key to release and relaxation? Did you know that the moon effects eyebrow growth cycles? That this area also stores emotions and traumas? 

Getting in touch with both your eyebrow's "higher self" and yours, this service enhances your intuition resulting in better self care and wellness as a whole. 

A deeper, more personal dive into your eyebrow consult, targeting "stubborn" regrowth areas and how to support and connect with them.

This is not a "fast fix" service. This is designed to create a solid foundation for your self care awareness, intuitive alignment, and of course, brow goals, that are authentic to you. I blend holistic medicine, esthetics, psychology, astrology, reiki and energetics to reveal and return to your best brow self.

This service addresses root causes while simultaneously facilitating wellness on an interactive, wholistic, level.  

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