Enchantpix: Potions & Peace
Enchantpix: Potions & Peace
Enchantpix: Potions & Peace

Enchantpix: Potions & Peace


These detailed & intuitive readings come with a delivery of bespoke enchantments for super-natural self care. Magical vibes with a side of “clean & green” botanical self care, we will create whatever you need to work with the energy of your reading.
From herbiary teas and elixirs, to bath and body, potions of beauty, healing, protection, and more are made just for you.

The self care item is included so you can actively participate in the intention- whether in healing, clearing, or just moving towards a goal.
You can get all the readings, and astrology energy reports, but nothing changes until you decide to shift you. Self care celebrations are a wonderful and meaningful way to work with and RECLAIM your own energy!

All offerings are hand-made and reiki blessed. 

Each experience is lovingly packed with even more custom enchantment, and all items include a reiki blessing for a deeper energetic 🙏💙 boost.
Down to the tissue paper. 

This support and guidance is emailed to you directly, while the reikied, ethereal esthetic offering will be shipped accordingly. 

These messages & offerings are usually sent to you within a week’s time. This gives space for your answers to be heard so they are not forced... divine timing is hard to schedule- but I do my best to align it with a more earthly schedule.


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