Lunar Love Box: Moon Cycle Care for Women

Lunar Love Box: Moon Cycle Care for Women

Introducing Lunar Love Boxes.

Intuitive cycle self care for every stage of your moon cycle.

From preovulation, to the dissent into darkness with the premenstural moon...

Honoring your cycles with beauty magic and power has never been so unique and loving.

Each box is custom curated with herbs, crystals and self care for each part of a woman’s moon cycle to bring her in closer alignment with nature, while deeply rooting her in the security of the earth.

Let your spirit soar through each phase as you discover how to tap into YOUR own inner healing and wisdom through soft guidance.

Each phase of your cycle holds the keys to wellness, clarity, success, healing and power.

This is your birthright ladies.
Rough cramps? I got you.
Cravings? Breakouts? Brow hair loss? We will address that too.
Feel like you wanna choke a bitch? Get to the true root of that and channel the energy into something that builds you up instead of tearing you down.

You will receive a digital copy of self care guidance on how to navigate your cycles with authenticity and power.

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