Pet Reiki + Animal Communication

Pet Reiki + Animal Communication

Do you ever wish you knew what your pet was thinking or feeling? Are they acting strange? 
Maybe they need a little energetic pick me up or need to tell you something!

Our pets feel so much of what is happening in our lives, they can take on things that aren’t theirs. It’s a heavy burden. Reiki energy healing is a beautiful modality to rebalance your pet and give them a little extra boost they need and so richly deserve. 

Sometimes our pets are trying to communicate with us, but our stress levels are not conducive to tuning in. This is where I come in so you can work with your pet instead of thinking they are acting out for no reason. Or perhaps you’d like to give them a heads up about big changes that impact them such as moving, changes in the family and more…

This is based on a 30 minute session. I will need a head on photo of your pet, please email to

In person sessions are available at Boyd Island Nature Sanctuary. Group love donation sessions are held once a month there as well. Please see sign up for my email list for details and check my instagram, @enchantpix. 

* For herbal wellness guidance included, please see my Pet Potions & Peace service. 

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