The Sorceress Salve

The Sorceress Salve

An organic salve made from a bewitching botanical blend of mugwort, basil, nutmeg, sage, cranberry, bladderwrack, rose, & rosehips, steeped deeply in an organic blend of sunflower, pomegranate, & pumpkin seed oils. Bay Laurel wax has been used, so this potion is vegan friendly and as always with all of my products, cruelty free. 

This protective, healing salve can be used anywhere and is deeply nourishing, yet lightweight, with a feather soft finish. NOTE: When warmed, the consistency “melts”. Bring it back to a cooler temperature and all will be well. 

Each batch has been sprinkled with Icelandic Black Sea salt and includes a placement of a laboradorite crystal bead. 

Energetics: Protective, healing, intuitive, lucky, loving, beautiful, balancing, transformative, goddess. Lore has been written that witches used basil to fly… Floaty liminal space with wishes granted. (In the highest good of course.)



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