American Horror Story: #browsofhorror.

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It's that time of year again... Autumn is upon us with it's beauty and pizazz. It is also time for all things frighteningly fabulous! Yes, it is my most favorite time of  year and Halloween happens to be top on my awesome list. My studio, Browtopia is transformed to match. So are my treatments, music, scents and... social media contests?

Yes, we are talking about everyone's favorite Facebook event, "Brows of Horror: Halloween Edition."

Each year my clients and fans post the most scary pictures of brows gone terribly wrong for a prize. All the while I try to educate everyone on the perils of bad brow habits, waxing, nutrition, and this year's theme: ingredients. Who knows what horror is lurking in your favorite brow products? The browpixie does, and that is why she created her own line in the first place. So sit back, grab yourself some hot apple cider, pumpkin spice treat, or even a nice glass of red, as I regale you with tales of product terror... 😱

These preservatives in cosmetics are used in order to prevent bacteria from growing in mascara. The hygienic preservatives have been linked to mimic or disrupt estrogen in the body, also known as an endocrine disrupter, says the Breast Cancer Fund. High concentrations of parabens have been found in human breast tumors by Dr. Philippa Darbre, a research scientist at the University of Reading in the UK. In a study that mimics Dr. Darbre’s original 2004 study, Darbre and her research team found one or more types of parabens in 99% of the tissue samples, and all five were measurable in 60% of the samples. Parabens found in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are getting into the breast at high rates. But we know this, so there are many superior alternatives, yet the top, mainstream brands are still using them.

*Propylene/Butylene Glycol

This common ingredient, although deemed safe by the FDA, appears to cause severe skin irritation and sensitization in most people. Individuals who may be sensitive to this product can be exposed to a special form of irritation – allergic contact dermatitis, an allergic skin reaction caused by direct contact with an allergen. According to dermatologists, this allergic reaction will show up as a red, inflamed rash that is accompanied by itching and minor pain. In severe cases, painful blisters may form on the skin and could potentially spread to other areas of the body.

Hmmmm, a key component in almost all popular brow gels on the market today. Also more than half of my 

clientele has reported this same irritation in their brow area, myself included. Yet it took us a little while to figure out that it very well could be our precious brow gel as the cause. Ultimately irritation of this kind will lead to sparse brow hair. Also a high complaint among you. Coincidence?


 This is a good one. Used as a tackifier and plasticizer. It is derived from petroleum and is also used for manufacturing adhe sives (glue). Glue. On my eyebrows. Awesome. Out of brow product? No prob, just reach for that glue stick! Said no one ever. 

While low on a toxicity scale, I admit, still not something that you want smothering your eyebrow area since most are derived from vinyl. This is done to inhibit the hair from absorbing moisture, thus holding a "style" longer. This paired with probably at least 3 cheap alcohols that are found in most brow gels, mousses, waxes, etc. is the cause for that dry, flakey situation at the end of the day. What happens to hair that's too dry? It breaks. Not very healthy and a bit counterproductive for those buying it for "bolder, more beautiful, thick brows."

Now for my personal favorite:

*Imidazolidinyl urea

This is an antimicrobial preservative used in cosmetics. It is chemically related to diazolidinyl urea which is used in the same way. Imidazolidinyl urea acts as a formaldehyde releaser.  
That's right. Embalming fluid. Brows now fit for the UNDEAD. Frighteningly fabulous indeed. 


"Boris the Bargain Brow Gel Monster"

Sure, he's the latest and greatest. Ever SO popular. 

Those brows tho.

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