Summertime Brow Sadness? Not in Browtopia...

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While we all don't go to the beach and pool looking like Lana Del Ray. A glam style departure is healthy... That doesn't mean that you have to suffer from what I refer to as "summertime brow sadness". In fact summer was made for embracing lightness! Lighter colors, food, clothing, even wine! The PERFECT time to detox, revive and refresh, right? So don't forget your brows and skin are in need of lightening up as well!

I say don't fear the makeup reaper. When it comes to your eyebrows and skin, the summer months are simply crucial to their health and beauty, by letting them breathe. Yes, breathe. Now all together as you're reading this, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through the nose. Doesn't that feel good? Of course it does! So don't suffocate your skin by piling on the cosmetics. Dare to bare! Expose them to the beauty of the season. 

☀️ Sun- Vitamin D, a game changer for aiding eyebrow hair growth. Since so many of us are deficient, this is a concern for regarding hair growth as a whole. So for heaven's sake, you don't need to be putting sun protectant over your eyebrows, leave them be.

 🌬 Oxygen- Breathe life into dull brows and skin. Hair follicles need oxygen. Keep them bare and clean. The hair will have a hard time pushing through that follicle if there is debris present. Certainly the hair won't be healthy and stick around if the environment is bad for growth. Just like a plant. Speaking of our green, botanical friends...

🌱 Go Green. No need to pile on the product when you have bold, beautiful brows naturally! I say slurp, slather and munch your way to better brows with this Summer Fruit Guide!

Cantaloupe: This melon contains inositol, a form of Vitamin B required to control hair loss and stimulate growth. Cantaloupe puree is a perfect hair conditioner for the summer. Mash or puree a cup of cantaloupe and apply to eyebrows. Rinse and reveal smooth and manageable brow hair. You can do this with all of the fruits listed (or at least their juice), as a matter of fact.

Watermelon: My personal favorite and go-to for happy brows and glowy skin! High in citrulline, a great amino acid for your body, stimulates blood flow and balances the sebaceous glands, contributing to healthy hair growth. At 92% water, watermelon helps you detox while ingesting vitamins and fiber. Everything you need for awesome eyebrows and complexion.

Cucumber: Love thy brows. Love thy cucumber. Beauty is in the crunch of the beholder! Silica, a mineral that is essential for happy brows and glowy skin, will add strength to your precious eyebrow hairs!

Blackberry and Blueberry: Go to the dark side for amazing brows. Dark berry deliciousness combats damaging effects with it's one-two punch of antioxidants! High in Vitamin C, it is responsible for both coollagen production and strength. No broken brow hairs here!

So go ahead! Indulge in these timeless summer favorites- Eat, drink, and slather it on this Labor Day weekend! Do it in the name of beauty! Tell people it's #browpixieapproved. 😘✨🍹🍉

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