Welcome brow beauties to the next installment of ...

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Welcome brow beauties to the next installment of  the "Spring into Happy Brows and Glowy Skin" series... Fun, fast and fabulous tips for "brows on the grow and skin on the glow!"

I hope you are all doing well in self-imposed "brow rehab", I know it's hard, but it really is for the greater good! 

In April, those of you who were social with the browpixie on fb and Instagram, found yourselves trying some new and rather strange eyebrow masks for regrowth. Everyone will have a different experience depending on what your brows need for optimal health, which will lead to regrowth. Now I'm going to reveal to you WHY these mask recipes are supposed to work. Remember, for the best results, use organic ingredients only. Let's begin with my first post, Aloe. 

  • Aloe vera has moisturizing properties and natural enzymes that help to nourish the follicles of your hair, as well as the skin underneath. Thus making your eyebrows grow thicker and faster. The conditioning properties will also soften the hair, smoothing your brows- making them more manageable.
  • Next up- The "incredible, edible egg! What your brows could be needing is protein!
  • Eyebrow hair is made up of keratin protein and egg yolk is an excellent source of protein. Eggy goodness can provide complete nourishment along with enhancing and improving the length and thickness of your brows. Get cracking, and make sure the "yolk is on you!"
  • Fenugreek seeds. Cultivate thicker, healthier eyebrows. Also a rich source of proteins, along with lecithin and nicotinic acid assisting in super-powered growth. These seeds also help in rebuilding the follicles of hair, making them a go-to for those with traumatized brows!
  • A strange, but true remedy for dull and thin eyebrows. Who knew? Onion contains sulphur, which produces collagen tissue- required in the healthy growth of eyebrows. It will in turn also prevent sparseness by strengthening the follicles of precious brow hair... Juice that onion!
  • Blood Oranges. Essential for proper hair growth. For thick eyebrows, this orange juice is also recommended because of it's amount of vitamin C and folate. Increasing the amount of vitamin contained foods in your diet and your eyebrows will naturally grow. Using the juice as well topically can really speed things along!

In addition to these fast and fab brow masks- golden slumbers are integral when trying to achieve happy brows and glowy skin. They don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing!  The original brow beauty, Sleeping Beauty, knew what was up. Proper rest is crucial to bold brow game! Sleep loss is awful for eyebrows! Still sparse? Get checked for an iron deficiency and/or thyroid problems (both natural reasons for hair loss); diet, and stress, can also cause a negative change in your eyebrows. 

Faith, trust and a bit of browpixie dust never hurts. My specially formulated, organic brow gel does wonders for regrowth when applied at a minimum of 2-3 times a day. Available for purchase in cool salons, spas, boutiques and of course, online at Browtopia.com! Say goodbye to hard, flakey and dull eyebrows! Browboo gel is "good-for-you-grooming"! Created with the very best in organic ingredients, (which are 30% higher in antioxidants than non-organic), this gel does more than keep brows in line. Formulated with bamboo extract, "Browboo" gel is naturally high in silica, which adds strength and  luster to hair. Flax seed, sage and aloe soothes, nourishes and protects the eyebrow hair to keep them healthy, lush and looking great.  Fabulousness in a bottle? Could be...

That's all for now my brow beauties! Be sure and keep up with me for more tips, trends, and the latest fun on Instagram and Facebook! 😘💛✨

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