I'm baaaack!

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I'm baaaaack... Spring time greetings my brow beauties!
It's been quite some time now and SO much has changed since Fall of 2011, I must have lived three lives since then! I know it seems as though I have abandoned you, but I haven't! Just the blog, as I have been busy with social media, building my browboo product line, creating training programs and generally taking over the world, one set of brows at a time. The crusade against brows of horror is never ending my pretties, and the struggle IS REAL.

First let me start by saying I care not how thick or thin your eyebrows are, but one thing we should all agree on is making sure your arch is in it's proper place.
What IS this? And who in the hell is perpetuating this shape, waxing it over and over on the masses, saying "oh yeah, this looks good!"

But I digress.
Let's get to the "root" of the problem, shall we?

After all, what's done is done. It is what it is. Or is it?
Which brings me to the awkward topic of growing those suckers out.
Tedious? Yup.
A true test of self restraint? You bet.
But I am here to tell you, and I am not just saying this to fuel my crusade... No one notices like you do. Or notices like myself for that matter. Now before you all riot and shake your angry, tweezer-clenched fists at me- for heaven's sake put down that damn magnifying mirror! If poorly shaped brows are the root of all evil, then that mirror, along with the severely misguided soul who "shaped" them that way... is the devil! (I will add that after shaping brows that way, whether or not they have a soul is questionable to me)
Unless you have one of those fine, fuzzy hairs in your eye, step awaaaaay from the mirror.
Give your tweezers a break. They are suffering from an acute case of exhaustion. Lock them up. Give them to a trusted buddy. Someone who will not give into your desperate pleas. You can not be trusted at this point. Welcome to brow rehab. -insert Amy Winehouse singing here-
You do however, have the time. And for the record, your daddy does not think those brows look fine, he just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

Ok. Now that we've got that out of the way, so begins the tedious process of resuscitating the follicles. Be patient. They're traumatized. Patience is key. I have clients in recovery ask me all the time: "How long will they take to grow in?" This is the equivalent to the question asked of the Tootsie Roll Pop Owl. "The world may never know." Why you ask is your friendly browpixie being as evasive as that lollipop-loving owl? The answer is simple. Everyone is an individual, therefore so is their rate of hair growth. What takes one person a matter of weeks, takes another months. And all too often, quite a few of you, years. Yes, years. I know. I can hear the deep sighs of hopelessness from here. But do remember guys and gals- how many years have your poor brows been enduring such abuse? Ok then.

But before you reach for that cocktail in the middle of the day... This is SPRINGTIME!! The season of renewal! Rebirth! RE-GROWTH! YES.YOU.CAN. (Each and everyone of you should be dong a happy dance, frolicking among daffodils.)

Why daffodils you ask? Why it's the flower of hope, and just so happens to be the browpixie"s fav flower...

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