Goddess Galère

Goddess Galère



Each of you have your own, unique, divinity, but wouldn’t it be nice to identify with your inner goddess more clearly?
If you feel like you are questioning your own power, self worth, and inner knowing-
I got you. 😘✨

In my 13th (divine feminine) year of business...
This new offering happened while I was doing a very different reading for a friend. 

💜It reminded her of all her forgotten divinity, while giving her guidance on the steps to enhance these attributes to integrate them into her reality.
This further supports her path to a life filled with her magical authenticity.

I will only be doing a limited offering of these for now, as they are quite detailed. ✨

Introducing the Goddess Galère: 
A great way to start finding embracing your authentic self, through the Akashic Record.
Gentlemen- I work with you too, don’t let the name fool you...

What transformative energy transmissions you will receive: 

💫Channeled Archetype, Divine Messages, & Attributes.

 How to tap into your divine feminine energy and integrate it into your everyday for better balance, power, and peace. 
Many times I also receive past life information.

🎶Musical reiki “mix tape” to clear, heal,
 & shine your light more brightly.

📸 Featured photo in instagram stories with what you offer and/or what your passion is ( shining you light to create network energy so others can find you.) This will only be featured if you want it to, so be sure to let me know! 

🧖‍♀️Self care to match your individual archetype & enhance it. 

🎁 Surprise magical gift

* These messages will be emailed to you within 2 weeks time. This gives space for your answers to be heard so they are not forced... divine timing is hard to schedule- but I do my best to align it with a more earthly schedule.

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