Pixie Dust & Divination
Pixie Dust & Divination
Pixie Dust & Divination

Pixie Dust & Divination

Faith, trust, and pixie divination. High-dimensional oracle, tarot cards, channeled messages that give the detailed support and intuitive guidance when you need to remind yourself of your personal power and free will. Many times these are reflections and glimpses of what we already know in our higher self, but can get unclear about. These offerings are for supportive clarity and understanding.

Remember, this is all fine and dandy, but in the end- it's you choosing your own adventure... you are the magic.

Price is per question/situation.

In person sessions, I will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule. 

Virtual: When you receive your confirmation email, please reply with your questions etc.

Virtual: These messages will be emailed to you within a week’s time. This gives space for your answers to be heard so they are not forced... divine timing is hard to schedule- but I do my best to align it with a more earthly schedule.

* Deeper dive option is a 3 question/situation max. Anything more requires a separate reading for highest connection & accuracy. 

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