Energetic Herbalist Consult

Energetic Herbalist Consult

Why Spiritual herbalism?

It gets to the root of all dis-ease.
Our health, physical, mental, and emotional IS simply energy.

Energy doesn’t lie, it doesn’t go away, it just transfers and transforms. 

We get to the heart (and the root) of the matter with bespoke plant medicine for traditional healing. 

-includes initial treatment protocol-


PETS: Your health matters too! This is the same price as your humans, as it’s a little more involved with animals. Animal communication is included as I will try and connect with your animal companion to understand the root of the issue at hand. 

* If you are simply interested in animal herbal remedies I may have already created, please email me or check the apothecary I collaborate with,eunoiasoul.com. 

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