Nepenthe Herbal Tincture

Nepenthe Herbal Tincture

PracticalšŸŖ„: When one must banish pain, suffering, or sleeplessness. Wonderful support for nerve-related ouchies, overactive minds, migraines, & restless sleep. Ā ItĀ offers a deep healing reprieve while strengthening your energy.Ā 

EtherealšŸŖ„: When you need to shut it down to heal, recharge, and regain strength and be protected while doing so.Ā 

This is aĀ reiki-blessed and enchanted herbal tincture of Skullcap, California Poppy, Tulsi, Nettles, Vervain, & Blackberry.Ā 

* Pairs beautifully with my Nepenthe Bath Steep.


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