Summoning the Sorceress Series

Summoning the Sorceress Series

* Summoning the Sorceress Series:

A 21 day (go at your own pace), guided, immersive experience of plant medicine, facial reflexology, meditation, reiki, prayer, and divination. How to begin and discern the internal "everyday enchantment" that is truly is the alchemy of your best life.

This is perfect for the darkest time of year as we are to go within for the guiding light of wellness, magic, beauty, and more... Instead of looking for it in the outside light of the world. It is a summoning… of the sorceress within. Healing empowerment is yours.

The light shines within a little brighter, beginning December 1st!

* I VERY much recommend the use of The Sorceress Collection during this session.

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