Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology via Mirror Medicine.

For wellness and aesthetic that goes more than “skin deep”.  Did you know that your internal organs and their systems are accessible for healing by touching your face? This 100% impacts our esthetic, from brows, to skin!

Address your internal systems, re-balance, rejuvenate, treat pain, and more. From an aching back to digestive issues, anxiety, reproductive health, to a nagging cough.


Become autonomous with your own care.

A foundational must for brow and skin goals.

Redefine beauty from the inside out.

Achieve extraordinary results by completely relaxing the nervous system while nourishing  the energy coursing through it.

Target pain or symptoms associated with imbalance. 

The result? A redefinition of wellness.
This is the root of #happybrows and #glowyskin ...

This is not just an appointment, it is an extraordinary gift of wellness education that is yours to keep for life. Each session booked will receive mapped out instructions to keep for their goal. 

* Astrology Facial Reflexology is found under the Ethereal Esthetics Menu.


*Note: All first time treatments includes a full consultation, and follow up. Virtually, this is done via email & FaceTime. Please allow 60-75 minutes for service in person/first time virtual. 

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