Luminary Membership
Luminary Membership
Luminary Membership
Luminary Membership
Luminary Membership
Luminary Membership

Luminary Membership

If you combined a monthly spell box with a wellness & beauty box, you'd get this:

A Box for Ethereal Esthetics & Wellness Wonderment.

Luminary: a natural light-giving body, especially the sun or moon.

Coterie: group of people with shared interests or tastes.

Members only perks for my magical mavens & brow beauties for bespoke wellness and enchantment. 

🌟This monthly support box helps you reach your goals easier with the support and connection to stay in the know! This way you're working with your body and energy, not against.

From tinctures and reiki to brow love & bath care, each month you'll receive “what you need to know” oracle, moon, & energy reports that are paired with self care offerings. These custom potions deliver the coordinating energetic enchantment for BOTH the aesthetic and spirit.

The Luminary Membership. 

The Perks:

💫 Crystal membership jewelry sent upon joining. Because that’s how the browpixie rolls. 

💫  Personal Monthly Divination Reading. 

💫 Astrological Reports Paired with Self Care: Each month is different, from facial reflexology, mask recipes, affirmations, and more!

💫Customized Pendulum Self Care Guidance (there are seasonal boards for purchase in my Enchantpix retail section).

💫 Exclusive Monthly Self Care "treat"-ment potion DELIVERY for the Ethereal Esthetic mailed to you each month with custom spell/affirmation.

💫 “Ask your pixie” monthly session. Questions and advice for all things “happy brows and glowy skin” related. New product ingredient check? I got you. Strange dreams? Weird skin thing that is popping up? Heart burn? Let’s address that. What’s your opinion on (insert here) ? If I don’t know- I’ll find out.

💫 ENHANCE your experience & magic: Add a Seasonal potion or candle to your member order at a sale price ONLY available to Luminaries! GRAB FREE SHIPPING for that item when ordered in the beginning of the month before shipping cut off!

Click here to place your order.

Your subscription and perks will all be accessible via Patreon.

 * These messages & potions will be emailed to you within the month. This gives space for your answers to be heard so they are not forced... or it may be a reading for what needs to be illuminated for an astrological event. Divine timing is hard to schedule- but I do my best to align it with a more earthly schedule.

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