Embodying the Enchantress
Embodying the Enchantress

Embodying the Enchantress

A 21 day series of custom prayer, divination, reiki, self care, affirmation, practices, potions and enchantment tailored to you... To embody your light in the most beautiful and abundant way, to be WONDER-FULL.

What does it mean to live a life enchanted?

👑 it means being effortlessly aligned and divine.
It means no longer taking the hard way.

💜It means knowing and understanding your worth.
That you are a child of God and you are there to co create your best life. WITH your guides of love. Your ancestors and their dreams of your highest and best!
You in ALL timelines, healed AND fulfilled…

🫠It means saying fare thee foxing 🦊 well to things that don’t belong to you and healing things throughout lifetimes and generations.

☀️It means healing on all levels, bringing bright, beautiful, light with sweetness to the shadow. 

This is an invitation. LIMITED TO 13 PARTICIPANTS ONLY. See the below media for details:

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